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Coccyx Seat Cushion offers Pain Relief & Support to the Lower BackThe Coccyx Seat Cushion helps to reduce coccyx pain (Coccydynia discomfort); offer therapeutic relief and support to the lower back and tailbone area of the body, which occurs generally due to improper sitting, excessive sitting, sitting down on hard surface or too quickly and/or with an excessive amount of force. Coccyx Seat Cushions, which are ergonomically designed wedge shape with a V-shaped opening positioned at the rear of the pillow, supports your tailbone pressure or pain on the tailbone (Coccyx) and/or discomfort aggravated by sitting. Furthermore, these kinds of cushions, also provide some measure of pain relief to those people suffering from moderate-to-severe conditions of hemorrhoids, reduce tailbone pain during pregnancy, and other health conditions occurred from or connected with being seated for too much time. The best thing about such type of cushion, that it is made from highly durable and resilient memory foam, which provide stable support and correct spinal alignment for better posture..The Coccyx Seat Cushion helps to reduce coccyx pain and tailbone painCoccyx Seat CushionFeatures :-Coccyx Seat Cushions are ideal for use in the home, office, while traveling by car, plane or train.Removable, machine washable, zippered, cotton cover.Latex FreeUses :-to relieve coccygeal pain or coccyx painprovides pressure relief for the coccyx regionto help relieve lower back pain or tailbone Painto relieve Hip joint painrecovering from a tailbone injuryWants a comfortable wheelchair seat cushion to reduce lower back painTo reduce pain and irritation resulting from hemorrhoids To reduce tailbone pain during pregnancy
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